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CrowdShield removes names, addresses, phone numbers, and other personal details to keep you and your family safe.

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Why You Should Remove Your Data


Reduce phishing, scam calls and email.

Data brokers sell your email address and phone number without your permission.


Protect against stalkers and troublemakers.

People can easily obtain your home address from data brokers with a simple Google search.


Reduce your digital footprint.

Limit the amount of information that’s available on you for added protection.


Prevent identity theft and fraud.

Identity thieves utilize data brokers to get personal information that can be used to gain access to your accounts.

Your Information Is Online

CrowdShield provides unparalleled visibility into your personal information being sold on 100+ people search directories.

Information We Remove

We provide the most comprehensive deletion service available on the open market.

Marital Status
Property Value
Social Media

Where We Remove From

People searcher websites compile your information and make them public for anyone to find. We scan every site and remove your information by using the site’s established procedures combined with our legal demand tactics.

How It Works

Removing someones personal information from the web can be a taxing process, but we’ve broken it up into 4 easy steps.


We Find You Everywhere

We scour the web, finding the records tied to you on each website.  Even the websites on the deep web.


You Receive A Custom Report

You get a custom report of all the places we found you on the internet within 7-10 days.


We Begin Deleting

We remove your info using a mixture of each website’s established procedures and our own legal demand tactics.


We Ensure You Stay Deleted

After your information is deleted, occasionally, websites will try to repopulate within 3-6 weeks. We monitor this and prevent it from happening.

Our Plans

We offer yearly subscription services to those wishing to remove their personal information from the internet. No matter which plan you choose, we offer our clients the utmost privacy and discretion throughout the entire process.

Primary Protection


We remove your personal data from more websites than anyone else on the internet.

Data exposure report

Continuous monitoring

Phone exposure alerts

Removal from 100+ websites

Dark web scan & alerts

Address exposure alerts

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Enhanced Protection Plus

White-glove privacy services for prominent public figures. Our  service is tailored to each client's individual threat vectors.

Live Consultation

Continuous Consulting & Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring

Deletion from +180 sites

Social Media Exposure Analysis

Live account manager

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Who Is CrowdShield For?

We’ve built our white-glove service for those who need next level of privacy and protection.

Those actively trying to limit the accessibility of their personal information.

Those who don’t want to manually remove themselves from people searcher websites.

Those in a high-risk professions such as mental health, law enforcement, or journalism.

Those who are victims of cyber-bullying, identity  theft, or scam emails.

User Reviews

We pride ourselves at being the world's best removal service. Don't take our word for it, hear it from our customers. We changed their names and photos to protect their privacy.

"I found CrowdShield because I was fed up with all the cold calls from people trying to sell me stuff."

- Samantha Z, July 2021

"I used to worry about a crazy person showing up to my home. CrowdShield was the first service that actually felt comprehensive and made me feel safe as someone who's constantly in the public eye."

- Charlie R, June 2021

"I try to keep the smallest digital footprint possible. Despite the fact I recently deleted all my social media, CrowdShield still found my information being sold on 33 websites"

- Spencer R, August 2021

"As someone in law enforcement, one of my biggest fears was that someone bad finds my address. This has given me so much peace of mind. Worth every penny."

- Mark S, June 2021

"These guys literally saved my life."

- Hooman F, June 2021

"As soon as I started getting famous on the internet I knew I had to do something to protect my personal information. I tried 3 other services that claimed to remove my personal information but none of them were as good as CrowdShield."

- Mandie H, August 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of information does CrowdShield remove?

Typically, data broker websites sell personal information like your name, age, home addresses, emails, phone numbers, relatives, photos, social media, occupation, marital status, property value, and sometimes even more. We have procedures in place to force these websites to to remove these types of information.

How does CrowdShield remove my information?

CrowdShield first identifies which websites contain your personal information through our web-scraping technology. Once we find your identity, we flag the webpage and order a takedown of your information. In most cases, this process can be done seamlessly in about a month. In rare cases, we make use of legal demand tactics in order to remove your information.

Are there types of information CrowdShield can't remove?

At this time, CrowdShield is focused solely on removing your identity from data broker websites. Therefore, we cannot take down information found in places like news articles, social media, forums, or personal websites.

Why is CrowdShield a yearly subscription?

Unfortunately the removal of your identity from the internet is not a one-time service. We've found data broker websites often try to repopulate your identity every 3-6 weeks. Our yearly subscription allows us to continuously monitor for when your information reappears and take it down immediately.

Do you offer a refund program if I'm not happy?

Yes. We offer a 1-month 100% refund policy for all of our packages. This is designed to give you plenty of time to review which of your information is available online and confirm that you want it deleted.

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