How CrowdShield Works

Most data brokers provide methods to remove yourself from their websites deep in their privacy policies. Many privacy conscious individuals spend hours learning how to navigate dozens of websites to remove themselves from data brokers. CrowdShield saves people an average of 30 hours of work by systematically deleting them from over 80 data broker websites. Once your identity is removed from these websites, CrowdShield will constantly monitor to ensure that your identity does not re-appear.

1. Submit your information

The information you provide helps us find you on the web. The more information we have the easier and more robust our service can be. We only ask for four pieces of information to match you against dozens data brokers: Name, DoB, Address, and Phone Number.  While we try very hard to minimize the amount of information you need to provide, we do ask that you verify your email to ensure you are who you say you are.

2. Crowdshield begins the removal process

We pride ourselves having the most aggressive privacy opt-out service on the free market. We combine tested opt-out procedures with our own legal take-down methods. Removing your information is no easy task. Most sites purposefully make this process problematic and time consuming. A lot of our submissions for deletion are automated but when we encounter a site that is making things difficult we personally handle those situations. The first batch of deletions typically occur within 5-7 days of the report; however, the more nefarious websites may take up 1-2 months to complete the deletion. In rare cases, we request limited power of attorney in order to complete deletions. Rest assured that we do everything in our power to remove you from the public web.

3. Continuous Monitoring & Deletion

Our experience has shown that identity deletion is never done. Data brokers and bad actors will continue to scrape the web for your information, even after it’s been taken down. As long as you’re subscribed, we continuously search for your identity. We’ll will alert you as soon as we discover new information and work to delete it as quickly as possible.

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